• For anyone trying to follow this along:
    I ran this code on the microbit:

    setInterval(function() {
        0x180F : [88]
    }, 30000);

    And then installed nRF Connect for Mobile for Android. If I then scan for the microbit, it shows (in this case a fake) battery percentage of 88% (see included image). A lot of the other free BLE tools in the Play store failed to either find the microbit or to display the data.

    Note though that on iOS nRF Connect does not give the same result. In fact, it fails to show the data. I used Bluetooth Smart Scanner and LE Nearby to create the other two screenshots.

    p.s. the iOS screenshots were created today using different (still fake) battery percentage of 100% = 0x64

    Next challenge: have it broadcast Eddystone-URL, but I'll start a new topic for that.

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