• I've been satisified so far with the speed of the HY display/MCU combination, and the driver that Gordon leveraged in to run it. It uses FSMC to talk to the board and transfers data at 16 bit words over a parallel I/F, rather than SPI or some other serial interface, so it's quite fast.

    Latest progress attached for anyone that wants to play with this. Since this code is in development and evolving, there are some naming changes (unpack565RGB is now unpack16RGB, for example, among other changes), some things have been completely rewritten, etc.

    Some new stuff: polarFillPoly function that provides for creating a filled polygon with a set of vertices in polar coordinates (radius, angle), and a specified origin. Makes it simple to draw regular polygons, and circles.

    Also a set of duplicated Graphics functions with "2" appended (e.g. fillRect2()) that can be used in place of the standard functions, but allow for the inclusion of a color parameter to set the drawing color.

    Plan is to create separate modules for each control so that only the code for the controls being used is loaded into memory via 'require' statements in the code using the GUI.

    Anyway, current code -- messy state that it is, not everything working -- attached, for anyone that wants to play around with this current state of progress. I'll be finishing Button, Checkbox, and implementing a RadioButton today.

    At U$32, the HY 3.2" display is a very attractive solution for projects that need user interaction... nothing beats a color graphics touchscreen for interacting with a user :-) Hence my interest in developing a GUI library/module. My needs/wants are enough GUI for me to put in the effort, and hopefully having something that others can and will use too.

    In the end, having a simple, flexible, easy to use GUI for the HY boards may stimulate some use of them, expanding the use of Espruino, creating more support, etc. I know Gordon et. al. do not get financial support directly when people use these boards, but I'd expect good people to chip in via donate... That's what I do :-)

    Plus, developing this code is fun.

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