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  • Gordon, here's some more interesting "things": There are two USB connections on the MiniSTM32V; one goes through the Prolific chip and connects to a pins configured as a UART. This is where the console is configured by default, running at 9600 baud.

    The other USB connector is connected directly (with buffering) to the STM32, on pins A11/A12/B7 as USB_DM/USB_DP/USB_EN. I've largely ignored this connection to this point, as it was not responsive with the IDE -- I was able to connect with the other "USB" connection.

    So... If I could move the console over to the actual real native USB connection, and get awesome speed, that would be ideal. I suspect it's simply a matter of configuring those pins for a native USB connection, then directing the console there -- how do I do that?

    BTW sending another U$25 to keep supporting you guys... thanks for everything!


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