• Thank you for your questions/answers. I did some tests and measurements so, here are my answers :

    • What does your volt meter say when the Button is pressed? : it says 0.00 v. I changed the wire which connects to the pico header. Same effect.
    • When pressed - connects pin B10 to GND - correct? Yes, it is wired to the ground. I also checked with the ohmmeter.
    • What kind of button do you have? It is a http://www.farnell.com/datasheets/182522­1.pdf microswitch. 01L series. I did several objects with these OMRON switches that are quite good and have very low and fast bounce. It is brand new. I will change it and give you the result of the new tests.
    • I tested with various debouncing duration, but it has no effect.
      I come back to you with test results with another switch.
      Best regards


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