• Thanks for the information.
    I've reworked my code and been doing some reference work on the various flavors of PID control.
    Seems there are two broad categories dependent and independent, which effect how the PID gains are defined. Then there are position and velocity versions of the basic equation.
    So far the best link to explain this is:
    For testing so far I've used two different RC low pass filters R=100k, C=10uF and the other one R=100k C=50uF.
    The tuning method depends on the flavor of PID being used. Some head scratching and Google searching can figure or turn up conversions of the PID values between the flavors. You see lots of examples in various blogs

    I'm working on an independent velocity equation based PID algorithm. I'm going to check using the Arduino link that Wilberforce provided to determine the flavor of that PID.