• In Windows, when I attach files, I first put them in one directory and then select multiple files at once then send them. Trying to do one at a time requires editing the submitted post.

    Both of the files Wilberforce seem to be the minimized version.

    How does one go about minimizing a module?

    Magic PID tuners exist in the world, there is some variance in PID implementations so one has to use an auto-tune with the matching PID implementation.
    There also so rules of thumb methods that cut down on the iterations of a slow process that are required to achieve acceptable results. Google "PID tuning rules of thumb".
    The most common heater control is the On/Off method. Some diffusion furnaces I worked with in the past have had SCR based control that varies the current to the heater.

    tve thanks for the link. The method I used is based on differentiation the basic equation PID so
    it calculates the change in output.