• I think one of the easiest is to use an HC-05/HC-06 bluetooth module - you can get them pre-wired with 0.1" headers, or there's a 'shim' for connecting them to a Pico: http://www.espruino.com/Bluetooth

    When you attach bluetooth, the Pico automatically comes up with the console on the bluetooth connection - so with your phone/PC you just connect to the Bluetooth serial port and then program exactly as you would if you were connected via a cable (even with the IDE). It's a bit slower because it's 9600 baud serial, but it's not too bad.

    You can also then just send JS commands straight over and they'll be executed - eg. digitalWrite(LED1,1)\n or dimLights(55)\n.

    You could connect an ESP8266 WiFi module up, but the issue is that it requires the Pico to be running some JS code to interact - so if you broke your Pico's code, it would be difficult to recover (I'm hoping at some point in the next few months I might be able to make a firmware where that isn't a problem though).

    Another option is to run esplink on the ESP8266 - this turns it into a web-enabled com port (a bit like with Bluetooth) - and as long as you then connect serial to B6/B7 you'll be able to access the Pico regardless of whether the code on it has broken or not.

    ... or you could just use an ESP8266 running Espruino directly (and no Pico), but you don't have quite the same amount of IO available to you.


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