• First, big props Gordon for a fantastic idea and product!

    I'm just starting out on a project to add accent lighting in my car. I'm using WS2812B RGB light strips. The tutorial on the programming a similar LED lightstring was extremely helpful.

    I will have several picos in the car, not easily accessible when everything's buttoned up and the trim is all put back. I'd like to be able to connect to any of them wirelessly and ideally interact with my laptop right in the IDE as if it was connected with a USB cable... is this possible with either the BT or wifi modules?

    Also, what sort of IPC is available over bluetooth? I'd love to be able to easily hack up some app on my Android phone to control the things in addition to the LIN bus traffic I will be monitoring to set colors, intensity, etc.

    Heck, the best way to do this would be to put a single pico on the LIN bus to sniff, then control the lighting via wireless talking to them.

    Any/all advice and pointers to help me get the wireless part of this figured out is greatly appreciated!


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