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    Here are mine:

      "Reset" : "reset();",
      "Memory" : "process.memory();",
      "ClearInterval" : "clearInterval();",
      "ClearCmdHistory" : "global['\\xFF'].history=[]",
      "Esp8266.printLog" : "require('ESP8266').printLog()",
      "Esp8266.reboot" : "require(\"ESP8266\").reboot()",
      "Esp8266.SocketInfo" : "require('ESP8266').dumpSocketInfo();req­uire('ESP8266').printLog();",
      "Esp8266.IdeDebug" : "require('ESP8266').setLog(2);",
      "Esp8266.JoinWifi" : "function join(ssid,password){wifi.connect(ssid,{p­assword:password},function(err,ipInfo){i­pInfo=wifi.getIP();print(\"Wifi IP: \"+JSON.stringify(ipInfo));;}­);}"

    For the wifi one, run the snippet to define the function, then join your network.


    The clear command history is used when you are running low on space, and want to free up some memory.


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