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  • I've tried a few different things but nothing fully working yet. I've confirmed that serial data is being correctly sent out of the PC, Espruino just can't seem to read it.
    I have changed my setup to use a USB-TTL. The Espruino USB is now being use for code uploading and console. All serial data is being sent to the USB-TTL and then into Espruino on the following pins. I'm using the original Espruino board for now and my wiring for the USB-TTL Converter is RXD > C10 & TXD > C11
    I don't think I can use A9&10 as I have a bluetooth module attached.

    After running my test code .on('data' still isn't receiving anything. As a basic test I tried the following code with nothing connected and the results are strange, am I doing something wrong?

    function onInit() {
      Serial3.on('data', function (data) { console.log("<Serial3> "+data); });
      Serial3.print("Hello World");
      console.log('Code is running.');

    After uploading code:

    Code is running.

    Nothing is outputted?

    After entering save():

    Running onInit()...
    Code is running.

    Serial3 is outputted but not the "Hello world"
    If I set a baud rate of 115200 Serial3 isn't outputted.


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