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  • Well, I think the main one is that Espruino's 'console' works over the same USB connection as you're trying to send data on, so you want to move it out of the way. Maybe try Serial1.setConsole() in onInit.

    When you do that you might want to avoid using save() though (just manually run onInit()), as then you'd have to reflash the board to get access to the console again.

    You are also printing quite a lot of data - I guess it's for debugging, but that could slow things down a lot.

    To help you out, you might want to get a USB-TTL converter and attach it to Serial1 (B6/B7 on the Pico). You can then interact with the Pico and debug it while using the USB connection to receive data.

    ... or you can do it the other way (might be easier to debug) - send the data from Glediator to the USB-TTL converter on Serial1, and then keep using USB to uploading code and debugging.


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