• Hey folks, I got creative and made a font!

    Yesterday I was shocked to find that Espruino doesn't speak German to me through the OLED display, because all of its fonts lack the letters ÄÖÜäöüß. So I went to study how fonts work in Espruino. I like Espruino's 6x8 bitmap font and I couldn't find anything alike online (all fonts I found in that size with extended characters are serif fonts that look ugly and waste space on displays), so I ended up actually drawing my own font based on the 6x8.

    My font Dennis8 not only supports German but most other european languages as well, such as Spanish, French, Italian, Portuguese, Swedish, Danish, Icelandic etc. The characters are located in the charset according to ISO 8859-1, so some characters used by Turkish, Polish etc. are present as well (but not those outside of the 8bit address space).

    While I was already at it, I included some symbols I found in other fonts (used by popular LCD drivers) and even more symbols I found useful for embedded development, such as transport control buttons, arrows, a house (home) and some more.

    The repository can be found here:

    To try the font, include it like so:

    // Update: Since Gordon added the font to Espruino module repo, you can now do

    Have fun!

    Here's a demo:


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