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  • Very, iteresting. I've always wanted to demo/test reading brainwaves, but I have always been skeptical about how well a device could read brainwaves. I wonder how well this device would work:

    Although, I really like your diy approach and would probably feel less bulky than the unit that sparkfun sells and less $$$!

  • @d0773d, the NeuroSky Mindwave Mobile (sold by sparkfun) uses the exact same ASIC module (TGAM) and is actually made by the company who developed that chip. I know this headset because I have that one as well. The idea behind the product is that anybody should be able to develop EEG applications without having to care about hardware or interfacing a board. Besides the TGAM, the headset includes a Bluetooth module which can be paired with a computer or a smartphone. It also comes with a driver for PC and Mac which can be used from your own applications so you don't have to mess with the low level protocol. That product makes sense (this is why I bought it) and you can easily develop computer or mobile applications which use it.

    However, for my lucidity project, I want to make an integrated self-contained device. I don't want to stream data over bluetooth, I want to have my Espruino directly in the unit. Furthermore I wouldn't want to sleep with that headset on, I'll rater make my own which should be more comfortable. A good thing about the headset is that it has great signal quality through the integrated electrodes. My own design with the penny electrodes still triggers a "poor signal" message and the chip refuses to calculate attention and meditation values if "poor signal" is greater than 0. I need to keep working on my electrodes.

    If you're interested in the headset, I'd sell mine for a good price. I'm in Germany.


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