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  • Anybody else working on brain waves?

    I have successfully hooked up a TGAM (a tiny EEG module) to my Espruino board. I extracted my TGAM from a Mattel MindFlex game that I bought used for 20€ on ebay.

    As electrodes I am using 1 cent coins from the US whose coating I removed with a dremel rotation tool. I have glued them onto a strap of tissue to be worn on the forehead. In order to measure brain waves, at least three electrodes are needed: a signal electrode, a ground electrode and a referece electrode. The TGAM basically measures the voltage between ground and signal and uses the voltage between ground and reference to determine noise.

    Communication with the TGAM is nasty, but I developed an Espruino module for that. I just created a pull request for it, so hopefully it will soon be merged and available for the benefit of all.

    So far I'm successfully dumping brain wave spectral data to console. My first goal with this project is to build a dream recorder which can be worn on the head at night and which simply dumps brain waves to an SD card. Once that is working, I want to develop an algorithm that detects REM sleep phases. The final goal is to turn it into a lucidity device, i.e. a device that detects when a person is dreaming and then informs that person that they are dreaming (without waking them up). The dreamer can then consciously interact with the dream and direct it. I have had a few short lucid dreams and they're awesome, but it's very hard for me to induce them, hence I need to build this tool :) The cue to the dreamer should be a short audio message played through an integrated speaker.

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