• what you're trying to do on Espruino where you need this?

    You have, as example, an opened bug about a comment weird behavior where the user coded via ES3 regular "classes" ... that code contains syntax usable since about ever and it would work everywhere.

    I have a simple little module that brings better looking and more semantic classes in and when you deal with hardware you might want to use these patterns too (like the other user did).

    Accordingly, having instanceof not working as expected is surprising and inconsistent, while I agree propsrtyIsEnumerable is a less common method that won't bring much in here.

    The missing RegExp should at least be mentioned on top of Espruino capabilities (if not already, couldn't find it) ... I often give them for granted, so I might lazily check /something/.test(command) instead of command.indexOf(something) > 0 and for cross platform modules is very good to know limit.

    About that, I wonder what's the process to submit a module to the list of already available one in espruino, in case a working NPM solution would take long time.

    Thank you