• I wouldn't expect toLocaleString to be part of the Object.prototype since there's no local in Espruino, but I found it weird propertyIsEnumerable and isPrototypeOf are not implemented.

    A quick and dirty solution would be the following:

    Object.prototype.propertyIsEnumerable=fu­nction(p){for(var k in this)if(k==p)return this.hasOwnProperty(k);return false};
    Object.prototype.isPrototypeOf=function(­o){return o instanceof this.constructor};

    However, instanceof is also broken in Espruino. Above code uses the constructor but a proper check would be the equivalent of the following:

      function F() {}
      F.prototype = this;
      return o instanceof F;
    // this should be true

    Latter check is false but it should be true. Ideally, isPrototypeOf and propertyIsEnumerable should be implemented natively.

    Last question for now, I'v enoticed that RegExp and in general regular expression /syntax/ is not implemented. Is that too big to bring in natively or it's something planned already?