• I'm, trying to require quite small modules through the Web IDE and on a Pico board 1v76

    No matter what I require, it's always the same:

    WARNING: Module "anything" not found

    I'm requiring on the right side, which is also graphically telling me every time that module hasn't been found.

    this module is just an example, but reading the documentation I also spot the following:

    the Web IDE will automatically look online for minified versions of the modules you need, download them, and load them onto the board.

    In node.js and io.js world I've never thought minification would have been useful but I understand its value for small devices like the Espruino Pico.

    However, I wonder if there's any official procedure able to make a module compatible with the pico: any specific field in the package.json file? Should the main file be the one minified, called .min?

    Please let me know what I should do in order to write Espruino Pico capable code, thank you.