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  • @Gordon, thanks for the comparison of .bind() vs anonymous function in app.

    @DrAzzy, eval() has the smell of a Trojan Horse... Any option to avoid it is useful... Since you do not 'grow' - increase the functionality - of the code, think of your 'pre-defined source code expressions' as prebuilt functions... held in an arrays and object properties (just as you already hold the expressions now).

    You can then even think of a plug-in mechanism: pairs of voice recognizable commands and execution functions... a cool thing... (and I guess, will in the end also having this thing talking back to you... audibly...)

    Since a while I have on my desk laying around some external audio player modules that I wanted to connect, but I'm bound into something else right now. = I know that Espruino can play wave forms and do that too, but I want offload that part.


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